Passion for your craft

I want to pick up where I left off in my “How do you SEE?” post… In every business or industry, there is a discipline behind it – those who are passionate about their discipline take seriously the necessity to keep learning, discovering, innovating. … More Passion for your craft


Airman and a Lady

I had the privilege of capturing this lovely couple – an effortless shoot as I acted more as a voyeur that a shoot director. Their true nature and love for one another was enchanting, and give these two a bottle of bubbles… forget it! Bill and Samantha are a beautiful couple and I look forward to engraving more of their moments in the future! … More Airman and a Lady

“How do you SEE?”

“…wide angle or zoom?”

Ever since I heard photographer, Jay Maisel, pose this question, it has been bouncing around in my mind. After a shoot, I review my images and take a technical assessment of what I’ve done right and what I can do better next time, as well as narrowing down for my favorites… which inevitably, it is the close-up, detailed shot. So as I ponder this question, I have decided that I see in zoom. I find that I am by nature a detail-oriented person, so I suppose it’s only right that my images take on the same characteristic. … More “How do you SEE?”

Food! Glorious Bajan Food!

I have had the great pleasure of shooting images for a Bajan Cuisine Cookbook and here are just a few of those images. If this doesn’t make you want to hop on a plane to Barbados, the taste of these dishes surely will. I can’t lie, my first trip to Barbados was for two weeks and I ate everything I could get my hands on… and gained a solid five pounds because of it. And it was soooo worth it 🙂 … More Food! Glorious Bajan Food!