“How do you SEE?”

©Andria Lavine Photography 2010
©Andria Lavine Photography 2010
©Andria Lavine Photography 2010
©Andria Lavine Photography 2010

“…wide angle or zoom?”

Ever since I heard photographer, Jay Maisel, pose this question, it has been bouncing around in my mind. After a shoot, I review my images and take a technical assessment of what I’ve done right and what I can do better next time, as well as narrowing down for my favorites… which  inevitably, it is the close-up, detailed shot. So as I ponder this question, I have decided that I see in zoom. I find that I am by nature a detail-oriented person, so I suppose it’s only right that my images take on the same characteristic.

So what do I do to further expand my creative vision? Practice. Not only carry my camera(s) everywhere I go (a point-and-shoot in my pocketbook and usually my DSLR not to far from grasp…), but USE it to capture the details as well as the big picture. Every craft has its science, its discipline, its art. The only way that we can make ourselves better at what we do is to study it… practice it… love it.

Believe — Then just do it!


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