Passion for your craft

©Andria Lavine Photography 2010
©Andria Lavine Photography 2010

I want to pick up where I left off in my “How do you SEE?” post… In every business or industry, there is a discipline behind it – those who are passionate about their discipline take seriously the necessity to keep learning, discovering, innovating. Who figured out that there was an ideal storage condition for potatoes which will yield perfectly golden french fries? Or that cutting fabric on a bias makes clothing so flattering? Or that there’s an optimal ignition time for your car? Someone who made it their business to be passionate about what they do and to keep innovating in their craft.

In the world of Photography… Our thought process has to undulate from creative to technical without skipping a beat… finding the light, setting up the composition, capturing the mood & essence of a subject – all while mastering our equipment like a God-given appendage, understanding lighting ratios, f-stops, ISO’s, shutter speeds, post-production computer skills… I could go on… all in an effort to engrave a beautiful photographic memory that will invoke an emotion from the viewer.

I have been meeting so many inspiring and passionate people – they love what they do and are determined to constantly better themselves, their product, their businesses, or whatever it is that means so much to them. Their contagious energy make you evaluate your passion and if you’re doing everything you can to harness your talent.

Whatever your discipline… I hope that you are blessed to be doing what you love. Take your talents seriously and strive to constantly become better than you were the day before.

Believe — Then just do it!


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