Family Treasures


Today’s post is going to be me doting over my niece and nephew, Taja (21) and Terrell (20). Their drive in pursuit of creative expression,  relentless dream chasing and achieving goals – seemingly knowing no fear – is truly nothing less than inspirational!

Taja: makeup artist, student, super-intern, blogger, stylist, artist. Her most recent accolades include assisting in the production of the S/S 2011 New York Fashion Week Show for Designer, Mandy Coon and recently appointed M.A.C. Pro/M.A.C. Makeup Artist. Additionally, Taja was the MUA for my Jas-matazz shoot!

Terrell: U.S. Airman, artist, designer, sneaker fiend, tech guru, lyricist – whose achievements include acknowledgments and honors from the U.S. Air Force and rallying major support for his second mix tape as the lyricist, “Omenilad”. He received rave reviews from his debut release: “SPCDQMZKLP“.

All bias aside, Taja and Terrell are truly two amazing individuals. And as supportive as we are of them and their endeavors, they are equally as supportive of us and ours. Having an amazing support system is arguably the most important aspect of achieving one’s goals. When times are tough and even when times are great and you want to share and celebrate with those that are truly invested in your success, you have a legion of personal cheerleaders to provide that love… encouragement… Support. Which happens to also be one of my favorite Ari-Drive blog posts.

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