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Scott Schuman
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This past Friday, I had the privilege of meeting “The Sartorialist”, Scott Schuman at the Hagedorn Gallery here in Atlanta, as he celebrated the exhibition of a collection of his photography.

I am relatively new to him and his work, as I only learned of him early this year; however, I did know that this was a excellent opportunity to meet a widely acclaimed photographer who mainly travels between his home base of New York to France and Italy. I was pleasantly surprised with his humble demeanor – truly gracious to the mass of people that came to meet and support him. He took time to honestly meet, chat and share with everyone – answering questions, shaking hands, being photographed (as opposed to being the one behind the camera).

Scott, as he’d introduce himself, was an amazingly down to earth individual. Extremely unexpected given his notoriety within the world of fashion and as an award winning photographer. His photography is found among the pages of GQ, Vogue, and countless other worldwide publications; furthermore, he’s regarded as one of the most influential bloggers, ever. His street photography is a celebration of the inspirational imperfection of the everyday man and woman’s personal style. He notes that he is especially drawn to a particular element, rarely the complete look, of what his subject is wearing – be it a color or texture combination or some intangible element that cannot be placed but is exuded from his subject.

For me, he is another example of someone blessed to be making a living doing what he loves and has a passion for.

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