Hello Yellow…

©Andria Lavine Photography 2010
©Andria Lavine Photography 2010
©Andria Lavine Photography 2010

…golden, orange and red leaves of Autumn! I love this time of year! Beautiful spectrum of colors! Beautiful weather with the crisp chill in the morning air! Although, here in Atlanta, it honestly still feels like the height of summer… I just hope to get a couple weeks of cool fall-like weather before we dive head-first into winter.

These images were taken at The Black Rock Mountains, North Georgia. A wonderful day-trip from the Metro-Atlanta area, which has become a favorite place for us to travel to as a family ~ especially with the anticipation of dining at The Dillard House. If ever given the opportunity to make this trip, for the breathtaking view, challenging hiking trails and the unbelievable food, it is well worth it. My next trip, I would also like to seek out some waterfalls, surely to be shared on a future blog post.

In the meantime, this was just a quick post to welcome in a new season and share a couple images of what’s to come in the next few weeks.

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