My Image… on display!


My entry for The ACP "My Atlanta" Exhibit

What happens when you don’t meticulously plan an image? You get one of the best images you’re ever shot… and it was captured with an iPhone?!

Hence the photograph you see above. While traveling in South Florida earlier this summer, this view captured my eye and I nearly passed it by. At second thought, I stopped short, turned around, snapped twice – once vertical, another horizontal, and continued on my way. Later while reviewing images from my trip, I paused in amazement of the dynamics captured in this image. Could the architect responsible for designing this layout possibly have had such great foresight to know that an image such as this would be the outcome? Anyway… weeks gone by, I receive my September issue of Rangefinder magazine and on the cover is an amazing photograph, very similar to the image I captured! My thought… “You mean my iPhone image could have made it onto the cover of a major industry publication?!?” (smile!)

Well, I’m one image closer to one day receiving such an honor. But until that day, my image is currently on display in the “My Atlanta” Exhibit at the Piedmont Park Community Center in collaboration with the ACP (Atlanta Celebrates Photography) and the Green Market! The Exhibit is open to the public every Saturday this month from 9am to 1pm, and visitors get to vote for their favorite by placing a dot on that image… so go out there and vote for mine 🙂

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3 thoughts on “My Image… on display!

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