Ten Thousand Hours

©Andria Lavine Photography 2010

How inspiring is it to be surrounded by people who love what they do? In whatever their discipline…. it makes you appreciate the “art” in every craft. It makes me want to excel even more at what I do. In my mind, I often liken it to the “vision” that Neo had in the movie trilogy , “The Matrix”. When he truly embraced his destiny of being “The One”, he could see through hexadecimal code. In photography terms, I guess that code would be in the form of f-stops, shutter speeds, ISO’s and mental light metering and scene composing 🙂 I know, I can be a bit of a nerd…

In pursuit of this thing that I love called photography, I find myself “studying” to a degree that I probably haven’t done since college. Reading, doing, practicing, learning. Awesome days… celebrate them! Not so awesome days… learn from them! But never a day to make me want to put an end to the pursuit of being the best photographer that I can be!

OK, so what does all of this have to do with 10,000 hours? Malcolm Gladwell wrote a book called “Outliers”. It is about those who excel above and beyond at their trade, craft, skill, business, industry – whatever it may be – due to their diligence of practicing, learning, emerging themselves in their craft. Minimally, for Ten. Thousand. Hours. I have been increasingly intrigued by the skills required in order to be not just proficient in, but extraordinary at, what you do. And by virtue of my intrigue, I think more and more people that are extraordinary at what they do have been presented to me. To learn from. To grow from. And hopefully to offer something back as well. And to keep all of this close as a reminder that I too can continue to do this for what I find a passion. And you know what I find overwhelming similar about all of these people? They are resounding happy. They are doing what they love and regardless of what life or business throws at them, they can handle it because they truly have a passion for what they do.

P.S. For all you Mixologists out there, I now know that I need to re-shoot this setup with the proper amount in the cognac glass… Thanks Michele! Just one more thing to further prove my point that there’s an art to everything!

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