Air Travel and Sunsets

©Andria Lavine Photography 2010
©Andria Lavine Photography 2010

I have to say that my family and I had a great (and safe) trip to South Florida for the Thanksgiving holiday. I hope you and yours did as well! The only hiccup came during our return flight to Atlanta… surprise… surprise! Due to tornado activity, all flights throughout the day had been delayed.

Silver lining… got to watch a beautiful sunset!

Another post to come soon… just getting settled back in from our trip! Until then…

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3 thoughts on “Air Travel and Sunsets

  1. Remember when the liquid ban first happened at airports? I was set to fly out of Seattle that day. We missed out flight because we were in line at security for 4 hours. Then we got stuck at the airport for two days because all of the flights were full. It was such an arduous experience. And during it, I saw the most beautiful setting of clouds with the sun behind it. I took a picture of it, and remember feeling so awestruck, that in the middle of all of this annoyance, there was still such beauty.

    your pictures are beautiful!!!

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