Happy Valentine’s Day!

I must say that this Valentine’s Day snuck up on me and so has the fact that today marks thirteen years since my [now] husband and I went on our first real date – it was actually a pretty fun filled day… those of you who know us know the story. Who knew what those two college kids would accomplish together all these years later and Lord only knows what is yet to come, but I can’t wait to find out! … More Happy Valentine’s Day!


The Little Things

We can all take a lesson from children. Such innocence and imagination. No judgment, just curiosity and playtime. Seeing things through the eyes of children reminds me to enjoy the little things. The simplest thing can bring the greatest pleasure and somewhere along the way (…work, life, busy schedules, bad days, etc…) we lose that appreciation for those little things. … More The Little Things

Hoping That Groundhog Was Right!

In “o’maj” 🙂 to all of these crazy snow and ice storms hitting a good portion of the country, I figured I’d share a couple pictures from Atlanta’s recent storm. Shut down for 5 straight days and still a mess days after, Atlanta was hit with a storm that [to most] is typical winter weather. It dumped roughly 6-8 inches of snow and then immediately topped things off with a “Magic Shell” of ICE. … More Hoping That Groundhog Was Right!