Hoping That Groundhog Was Right!

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In “o’maj” πŸ™‚ to all of these crazy snow and ice storms hitting a good portion of the country, I figured I’d share a couple pictures from Atlanta’s recent storm. Shut down for five straight days and still a mess days after, Atlanta was hit with a storm that [to most, including this native Philadelphian] is typical winter weather. It dumped roughly 6-8 inches of beautiful snow on the metropolitan area, only to immediately top things off with a “Magic Shell” of ICE.

I’m glad the latest storm system eluded us and I feel for all those still being slapped around by this weather… included family!

Now without climbing onto any horses, I will simply say that the Atlanta situation could seemingly have been lessened had there been a little preemptive salt attack planned, as is done in towns across the country used to this weather. Schools and businesses were shut down for days due to the inability to maneuver on treacherous metro and residential roads throughout North Georgia. There. That’s all I’ll say. πŸ™‚

My personal take-away… 2011 has started off with a bang! A lot to do. A lot to look forward to. And the memory of this storm two weeks into a new year offers this reminder… Stay focused. Anticipate. Plan. More wasted time and effort is placed into cleaning up some messes, that had you just been proactive, said mess could have been minimized or avoided all together.

Believe β€” Then just do it!


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