Book Review: How To Shoot Reportage

New Title: "How To Shoot Reportage" by Enzo Dal Verme

Sharing knowledge. It’s always refreshing when someone who has ‘been there and done that’ openly shares their experiences, potentially saving you the doom of repeating them in your own endeavors. Enzo Dal Verme fielded many requests to share his photographic knowledge, inspiring him to write his new book, “How To Shoot Reportage: Brutally Practical Tips and Tricks”.

Although I only know Enzo vitually [through the photographic community of LinkedIn], I liken this reading experience to engaging in an actual conversation with him as if  you were an individual considering the path of professional photojournalist. You journey from one topic to topic as if you were sitting down and saying “Where do I start? …And what about researching an assignment? …Ok, then, how do I choose what gear to take?”. He walks you through travel arrangements, provides helpful reference links and websites, as well as discussing general photographic skills like choosing your composition, shutter speeds and using aperture creatively.

I also have to point out that it had to have taken a considerable amount of time to find an image to go with nearly every topic on every page of his manual. Anyone who has a never ending collection of photographs – especially pro photographers – can relate to and appreciate the time it takes to call on past images, even when they have been meticulously cataloged. (There’s a brief discussion on Post Production as well! Metadata! Metadata! Metadata!)

Overall, great read and I hope that those of you who decide to read this book find it just as enjoyable and insightful as I did.

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