Memories… engraved!

When I think about photography, I think about capturing fleeting moments in time. And what better example of this than the above? Easter Sunday shooting my girls and here are a few of the final images. A particular fave is the one displaying the patience of the elder while the little one freaks out over … More Memories… engraved!

Happy Easter!

I hope it’s a beautiful day, wherever you are in the world! Have a wonderful day with family and friends! Believe — Then just do it! -Andria photographer/memory engraver website | facebook

Hot Wheels

I have been taking my nephew to Ruin Skate Shop here in Atlanta since about 2002, almost as long as they’ve been open! Every summer, he would come to visit and we would take a trip to Ruin to see what new decks, Nike SB’s and skate videos they had. And every time we were there, we were greeted with such laid back fellows who just love life and love the world of skateboarding. Makes me smile! So during a recent visit – camera in hand, of course – I shot off a couple photographs! I was told they were “SICK!” 😀 … More Hot Wheels