Changing Your Perspective

Candle-lit Mass for an 8th Grade Graduation during a power outage

So you have a visual in your head. You want to take a photograph that looks like ____, makes you feel like ____, says ____. You set up the shot, you take it, and you’re disappointed with the results. Could it be that if you just changed your perspective, you would have gotten the shot that you wanted?

You may or may not have realized that if you would have just taken a step or two to the left or right, squatted down instead of shooting dead on, or had chosen higher (or lower) ground, then you would have gotten a different perspective on your subject. Many rules in photography as so basic, yet sometimes you just need to hear it and then the light bulb goes off. “Don’t shoot down on children, get down to their level… literally” – Change your perspective. Of the same rule, “don’t shoot straight down on flowers…” –  again, change your perspective. Fashion photographers shoot from the floor and angle up at their model/subject – this is because it offers a flattering and elongating effect. The blimp captures an aerial shot, shooting down at a stadium brimming with fans and “FULL” parking lots all around its perimeter – showing the viewer just how many people came out for this event. You don’t get the same effect from say a camera phone picture someone took from within the stands.

Next time you are about to take a picture, think about how your could create an even more pleasing composition by changing your perspective!

Believe — Then just do it!


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2 thoughts on “Changing Your Perspective

  1. Simply beautiful and I hear your message loud and clear. Your work is breath taking! Your message isn’t just for photography, but for life-“to change your perspecitve”. You have a gift and I’m glad to see that you are using you it.

    Let the blessings flow………

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