Enzo Dal Verme’s second look into How To Shoot Reportage

Enzo Dal Verme

It is a wonderful thing to share and receive information. And although there’s nothing like learning and growing from making mistakes, it definitely helps to have someone with you on the journey that will give you insight that could help keep a mistake from turning into a catastrophe.

Enzo Dal Verme is an extremely accomplished Milan/Paris-based photographer and has been published in a long list of phenomenal magazines not limited to Vanity Fair, I’Uomo Vogue, Vogue Sport, Glamour… to name a few. Back in March [2011], I reviewed his new book “How To Shoot Reportage” and he has recently released a second edition.

The first thing that I noticed was that he included many more examples of his beautiful photography. As you turn from page to page, you can almost imagine the story behind the photographs… Brazilian Drag Queens at a cafe, artful Tai Chi in the streets of Shanghai, smoking monks (are they allowed to do that?!?) and the edition closes with one of the most majestic trees I think I’ve ever seen.

Enzo expounded on his initial insights to fellow photographers considering the path of the photo-journalist. He urges you to be honest in your intentions (and explains why), to do your research and thoughtful preparation. He provides some awesome travel tips that are not just helpful professionally, but when planning a leisurely trip as well so that you can truly get the most out of the location. He provides insight into managing your time, client communications and expectations and creating an effective workflow (during and post). And a favorite… he gives a short but sweet breakdown on the thought process of a photographer… never quite think about all the things that are going on in you head when you’re making a decision on the photograph you are trying to capture.

There is a wealth of [hard-earned] information and lovely photography included in this volume and I urge any photographer considering a career in photo-journalism – or even the avid amateur just wanting to capture some amazing vacation pictures to tell your travel story – to read this book!

Excellent work, Enzo!

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