Put Your Best Face Forward with Professional Head Shots

We’ve all been there. As you build your online presence, you cringe as you ponder what photograph to use for your profile. So I have to ask: What does your LinkedIn profile picture say about you? It should say that you are a professional, representing your company, services or industry.

Here are some things that need to be considered regarding head shots:

  • Are you in a formal corporate environment, a more creative field, or an entrepreneurial role? Based on your answer, you need to make important decisions regarding your choice of attire, personal grooming, and even environment, as all of these factors can either attract or repel peers or potential clients.
  • Now more that ever, business is about relationships. People want to know who they are doing business with, hiring, or allowing into their personal circle and they are using the internet to do their research. The imagery that you post online speaks volumes and will often times be the first impression.
  • Should you hire a Professional Photographer or just grab a friend and an iPhone?

The last bullet is in jest, but not really. I challenge you to take an honest look at your professional profile. If the image you’re using serves better purpose on Facebook than it does helping you portray your professionalism, invest in a Professional Photographer who will work with you to achieve a photograph that will enhance your virtual presence, thus properly representing you when you personally cannot.

Believe — Then just do it!


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