Makes me smile!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I like to laugh! We cannot always take ourselves and what’s going on in our lives so seriously that we can’t find time to relax. Find joy in the little things!

As I was driving, I thought of some things to share that make me smile so I hope they make you smile too…

My girls… need I say more?

Andria Lavine Photography_Premier Atlanta Wedding Photographer_Makes Me Smile Blog Post-1 photo

Although I am primarily a Mac user, imagine my shock to find this pre-loaded desktop on our PC!!! If anyone knows where to get one of these little guys… PLEASE tell me!

Andria Lavine Photography_Makes Me Smile Blog Post_PCdesktop

If we could all be this happy… LOVE THIS GUY!   Photographer: Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist, Paris

Andria Lavine Photography_Scott Schuman-The Sartorialist_Makes Me Smile Blog Post

Thoughts of our next family vacation to Barbados (which is where my husband is from)…. ahhhhhh… I can feel the breeeeze! Or, better yet, if you are in need of a Destination Wedding Photographer for your upcoming wedding in Barbados, WI… give me a call!

Andria Lavine Photography_Atlanta Wedding Photography_Destination Wedding_Barbados West Indies_Makes Me Smile Blog Post-4 photo

Believe — Then just do it!


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