Tips for Brides: Wedding Day Makeup with Taja Sparks

Beauty Consultant | Creative Director, Ari Drive
I have the privilege of turning my blog over to Taja Sparks – former MAC Pro and Professional Freelance Makeup Artist based in the [tri-state] New York/New Jersey/Philadelphia area. Published in print and highlighted throughout the web, Taja not only makes brides even more beautiful, but expresses her creative side through fashion and commercial shoots. To learn more about Taja, please visit her at and

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Wedding Day Makeup

It’s your big day and your list of things to do is endless. You’ve got a million invitations to send out, book your favorite photographer (eh hmm, Andria Lavine)… Is your dress taken in? What dresses are your bridesmaids going to wear? …But have you taken the time out to talk with a makeup artist? There’s going to be a dozen cameras flashing in your direction and don’t you wanna look as beautiful as you’ll be feeling on your big day? Well, here’s some tips on how to find, book, and get through your big day with a flawless beauty look!

First things first, where do you find a makeup artist?

Internet, department stores, and salons, or even your friends! When I worked at a makeup counter, most of the artists were available to freelance without association with the company that they worked for to come to you and do makeup for weddings. It’s important to understand that although they are an artist for the specific brand that you love, this is usually a service they provide on their own and have different rates depending on the amount of people in the bridal party, experience and your relationship with the artist.

What to bring the day of your trial?

For weddings, most makeup artists do wedding trials to try out products and looks for your big day. This is the perfect time to see what works and doesn’t work so that there aren’t any guesses the day of the event. I love it when my clients bring a magazine clips, save photos on their phones of celebrities they love and bring a bridesmaid! You should definitely expect a little more makeup than you’re typically used to, but it’s only so that you have the best possible photos and look like the most beautiful bride in the room. Have the artist write down all of the products they used that they believe will be best for touching up throughout the event! This is also a great time to ask how you can incorporate these products into your day-to-day routine if you love what your artist is doing!

What kind of makeup is the best for your wedding day?

Tell your artist how you usually wear your makeup (if all you wear is mascara or Chapstick, let the artist know so they’re prepared to know how much is too much) and stick with a more enhanced version of your natural look. My favorite bridal looks have been beautiful natural makeup in neutral colors like browns, pale pinks, golds, etc, with a little more drama added with lashes or a slight smokiness on the outer corners. Again, it’s what you feel most comfortable with, but you should look like yourself, the girl your husband-to-be will recognize but still be in total shock at how amazing you look on your big day.

Take some photos with and without flash!

This allows you to get an idea of how your makeup will look in your hi-res images, does it translate? Do you want to see more makeup or less? This is the time to test out and adjust things accordingly… so take some photos, kissy faces and all!

Last but not least, have fun! This can be one of the best parts and most relaxing part of your big day! The perfect girly moment of your wedding day so enjoy it and laugh a little!


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