2013: A Year In Review

What a wonderful year it’s been. Full of personal challenges and achievements, full of fun and photography! From Christmas weddings at Callanwolde Fine Art Center to family portraits in the park and special events in and around Atlanta, here is a year in review for 2013 Andria Lavine Photography! … More 2013: A Year In Review


Merry Christmas

From my family to yours, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year! See you in 2014! -Andria photographer | memory engraver website | facebook Andria Lavine Photography Your memories… engraved!

Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus

As we spend today knocking about in stores shopping for last minute items & deals; and on roadways traveling to see family and friends, let’s remember to be kind to each other. It’s going to be a day full of hustle and bustle as retailers prepare to remain open until midnight and even 2am… surely leaving weary employees little time to prep for Santa’s visit…

Share in the true joy of the season. Be grateful for all that you have knowing that others may not be as fortunate, yet rejoice in what they DO have. Merry Christmas Eve! … More Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus

Every Day Photo Tips: Dropbox!

Can you relate to this? You’re out somewhere, anywhere, and something funny, awesome, cool, crazy, __fill in the blank__, happens? You pull out your phone to take a picture or capture video when instead you get the black screen of death with a message window that reads… “Your camera cannot take photos. Please delete unwanted images and try again.” (paraphrasing)

WHAT?!?! ALL of my images are wanted! So you hastily delete these cherished images to try to capture what’s left of the current moment. Or you’ve missed so many moments, that you’ve decided to be proactive and start to monitor your photo library so that when it starts getting full, you start to email yourself the photos & videos, and then delete them from your phone to conserve space. … More Every Day Photo Tips: Dropbox!

Every Day Photo Tips: Photographing Children!

I love photography and I want to infect others with this same love, respect and appreciation. One way I feel this can happen is through education and sharing, so I am starting a new category on this blog sharing tips and tricks to help you in your every day picture-taking!

There is a lot to the Art of Photography but at its core, it is the preservation of moments & memories, of people, places and things. Cameras are everywhere, whether Pro gear or iPhones, and we are Facebook’ing and Instagram’ing our lives like crazy. By always having some sort of camera with us, we’re blessed with the ability to one day be able to fondly look back on those images. Who doesn’t love looking back through old photo albums (albeit mostly digital now) of our past selves and loved ones; or conversely, longingly desiring to be able to look back on photographs of ourselves or loved ones whom we’ve lost? Ever wondered what your grands or great-grands looked like? Where they lived? What they liked to do?

The images we have, that we’ve inherited or that we will one day capture should be cherished. … More Every Day Photo Tips: Photographing Children!

Tips for Brides: Why Not Mood Board Your Wedding?

While I have not yet taken the leap over that exalted symbolic broom, had rice thrown at me with the hopes of a fertile union, stuffed a delicious piece of the most expensive pastry known to man (a wedding cake) into the loving face of whomever would sign on with me for life (GOD HELP HIM); I have from time to time wondered how I would go about it.

I imagine that I would approach it like I do most things that have resulted in success, and that would be with a visual plan. You see, I am a designer by trade and things make sense to me when I can experience them by the senses. Sight for me would be the most relied upon, but not necessarily the most important. Visual planning for a designer is normally referred to as “mood boarding”.

Mood boarding is something we designers do before each season. We look at current events, go to trade shows, shop foreign lands, visit local artists and then throw everything up on a board, or in the best-case scenario, a room dedicated for the sole purpose of inspiration. Everything that has been gathered from your inspiration hunting is methodically categorized and placed strategically so that it can be experienced in the most logical way to bring about fruition.

You can do this yourself by purchasing a few foam core boards, thumbtacks, and removable tape to set your magazine tears and mementos to. You can also utilize online mood boarding sites such as Pinterest. Personally, I would use Pinterest only as an auxiliary tool, because it is mainly visual and somewhat impersonal. I find keeping an actual board a more intimate and organic process, and in the end that is how I would want my wedding to be. … More Tips for Brides: Why Not Mood Board Your Wedding?