Every Day Photo Tips: Photographing Children!

I love photography and I want to infect others with this same love, respect and appreciation. One way I feel this can happen is through education and sharing, so I am starting a new category on this blog sharing tips and tricks to help you in your every day picture-taking!

There is a lot to the Art of Photography but at its core, it is the preservation of moments & memories, of people, places and things. Cameras are everywhere, whether Pro gear or iPhones, and we are Facebook’ing and Instagram’ing our lives like crazy.  By always having some sort of camera with us, we’re blessed with the ability to one day be able to fondly look back on those images. Who doesn’t love looking back through old photo albums (albeit mostly digital now) of our past selves and loved ones; or conversely, longingly desiring to be able to look back on photographs of ourselves or loved ones whom we’ve lost? Ever wondered what your grands or great-grands looked like? Where they lived? What they liked to do?

The images we have, that we’ve inherited or that we will one day capture should be cherished. So without further adieu…

Every Day Photo Tip:

When you are photographing children – and it’s likely that you will over the next few weeks with plays, concerts and Christmas morning presents unwrapping –

Get down on their level!

This may be a no-brainer for some or an “ah-ha” moment for others. Snapshots looking down on children #1, isn’t typically flattering, but #2 and more importantly, just doesn’t evoke the same feelings or emotion as getting down there with them. When you play with them, you get down with them. When you’re talking to them, you bend down to hear them. When you want to give them a kiss, you bend down to them (or pick them up, if your back can take it). Do the same when you are taking their pictures! This goes for your 4-legged “children” as well! And when you’re done, let kids see… they can be so enamored by the magic screen on the back!

Note that you can get an awesome image shooting down on your little subjects, but that comes with making a conscious effort to compose the image.

Sidenote: and another passionate point for me – get from behind the lens and get in those photos too! Don’t let your family one day wonder what you looked like! Don’t worry, I struggle with this point too, but we have to remember to actually be in those pictures. As families. As time passes. As we and our children get older. To remember what was and so the next generation can proudly say, “this is my…”


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