Every Day Photo Tips: Dropbox!

Can you relate to this? You’re out somewhere, anywhere, and something funny, awesome, cool, crazy, __fill in the blank__, happens? You pull out your phone to take a picture or capture video when instead you get the black screen of death with a message window that reads… “Your camera cannot take photos. Please delete unwanted images and try again.” (paraphrasing)

WHAT?!?! ALL of my images are wanted! So you hastily delete these cherished images to try to capture what’s left of the current moment. Or you’ve missed so many moments, that you’ve decided to be proactive and start to monitor your photo library so that when it starts getting full, you start to email yourself the photos & videos, and then delete them from your phone to conserve space.

Every Day Photo Tip:

Back up your phone’s Photo Library to Dropbox!

And it’s FREE! Who knew?! I originally used Dropbox for its versatility, cloud storage, syncing capabilities between your mobile devices & computers, and file sharing with clients, family and friends.

But there’s a “Camera Upload” feature you can enable, which automatically backs up your phone’s (or other mobile device’s) Photo Library! Once all of your wanted photos and videos are safely stored within your Dropbox, you can simply go in and delete them from your phone’s local memory. What’s even better, as long as they’re in Dropbox and you have the app on your phone/device, you can still see the them on the devices! I have shared this tip with others and got such great response that I figured I’d share it with you!

Andria Lavine Photography_Atlanta Wedding Photography_Every Day Photo Tips - Dropbox photo-2247

Dropbox is extremely robust and I encourage you to use as many features of the program that suits your needs – it’s an awesome tool! You can get started with Dropbox here: https://db.tt/5Sjvmo3 Set up your free account. Then, download the app for your phone, wi-fi devices and desktop computer. That’s it! Housekeeping tip, since Dropbox is linked to your computer and other devices, make sure that you keep an eye on your available storage and clean out as necessary. But this is a better option than missing a moment! Happy shooting! -Andria photographer |memory engraver website | facebook Andria Lavine Photography Your memories… engraved! Please note: I am not affiliated with or sponsored by Dropbox, though not opposed should the opportunity arise:); however, I do disclose that any account holder, including me, is awarded with “Bonus Storage Space” when you refer new users. The above link is my referral link!


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