Every Day Photo Tips: Write Names and Dates on the Backs of those Prints!

Yes, we are in a digital age, but there is just something about looking at a photograph in print. We live at such a fast pace and snap pictures at gigabytes of reckless abandon that a moment is cherished… for about one moment.

But to have printed photographs placed around our home and workspace, we find countless moments to lose ourselves in our loved ones.

And eventually, these photographs are stored away and replaced with new ones, and we will happen upon them months, years, and generations later. When that time comes, don’t you want to remember who’s in it, along with where & when it was photographed?

Today’s tip is quick & easy, and will cause grateful nostalgia later… write down the pertinent deats on the backs of those prints – “who, when, where”! And if you have older images that are not ‘tagged’ (your parents, their siblings, grandparents, great grandparents), get with others that are still alive and know the deats… and write them down!

One day, you’re going to wish that you knew that that photograph was from 1903 or your children’s children are going to love to know what 2014 looked like… (that’s just crazy to think, but 1994 doesn’t seem like TWENTY years ago to me… ouch!). One day, your great grandchildren may have the privilege of looking back at your old printed photographs… wouldn’t it be nice for them to know who, where and when they are recollecting?

Andria Lavine Photography_Atlanta Wedding Photography_Every Day Photo Tips-Write Names and Dates on the back-photo
A photograph of my mom in her U.S. Air Force days… 1960!


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