Holiday card time, already?

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How is it that we are in November already? I cannot BELIEVE we’re in the final stretch of 2014! And with the holiday season upon us, our priority list of to-do’s is growing! On that list is most certainly… “- family holiday photo cards!”

Trust me, I understand the challenges of wrangling the entire family for photos! For my 2013 Christmas card, it took three calendar reschedules to bring my own household together long enough to take our pictures. This year, however, THEY surprised ME with “… Hey, everyone is home, let’s do family portraits today!”

If you won’t be able to get your Professional Portrait Session booked in time for your 2014 holiday card mailing – here are a couple tips to carry you through:

1) Book your 2015 (yes, 2015) Portrait Session now… You don’t want to find yourself in the same predicament next year, do you?

2) Easiest option – find a photo from this year where the entire family was captured. Vacation? Family reunion? Use it… even if you use it as a smaller inset photo. Why should the entire family be on your holiday cards? Besides being in photographs with and for our children… if you save past years’ holiday cards like I do, be honest… when you came across that card with just children, how long did it take you to figure out who they are – especially if the family’s name wasn’t included (i.e. “The Lavines”)?

3) If you do decide to use only photos of the kiddos (including the furry variety), don’t forget to include your family’s name (and the year, for that matter) on the actual photo card. This benefits you, too, whenever you look back on your own cards and photographs.

4) If you want to give it a go and take your own family portraits:

– Pick a location (inside or out) that is clutter-free and well lit. This helps to bring full attention to your beautiful family.

– Bring in an extra set of hands to click the shutter. If extra hands aren’t available, pick up an inexpensive little table-top tripod and use your camera’s self-timer. (That tutorial would have to be its own blog post).

5) A practice of one of my dearest clients and friend is to send her family’s cards out as “New Year’s greetings”. This certainly relieves you of the chore of standing in painfully L-O-N-G post office lines to mail your stack of greeting cards in time. Who wouldn’t love to scratch that one off their list? Then you can focus on your holiday shopping, travel arrangements, meal planning, gift wrapping, etc.

6) Book your 2015 (yes, 2015) Portrait Session now… You don’t want to find yourself in the same predicament next year, do you? Oh wait, did I say that already? Yes, well, it bears repeating.

However you wind up solving your holiday card dilemma, just remember to have fun and take time to enjoy your holiday season!

Andria Lavine
photographer | memory engraver
Andria Lavine Photography
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