Why hire a Professional Photographer?

Because there is a difference, that’s why! As a Professional Photographer, I would find myself saying this all the time… but what does that mean? Cameras in all their many forms are getting better every day. But if you don’t know how to use it, what results will you get? It’s easier to show you rather than trying to explain.

Well… PPA (Professional Photographers of America) – an organization of which I’m proudly a member – has initiated a campaign to do just that. Helping me help you to “See the Difference”.

Natural lighting? In simplest terms, means using available light to capture a photograph (no flash/strobes). I personally LOVE natural light and my portfolio definitely reflects that I opt for this lighting situation during my sessions! PPA’s example below illustrates not only what the difference looks like when your photographer knows how to control the light, but also the difference between someone just standing in front of a camera versus setting up the shot in order to create a beautiful, flattering portrait.

See the difference…

Andria Lavine Photography Blog Post - PPA See The Difference Campaign_Natural_Light A & B

For more information about investing in a Professional Photographer, check out this link.

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