Every Day Photo Tips: When’s the last time you had a photo printed?

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What feels like not so long ago… It used to be the only way! The days of film and the excitement as you dropped off your film at the local lab, waiting patiently for the day and time that you could pick up your developed prints!

How quickly times have changed! Now, immediate gratification has stepped in and we see our photos in milliseconds on our phones and digital camera backs.

What happens next? They sit there… on the phone until you run out of space and need to install new software updates. Then what do you do? Delete those once precious memories (…there is a quick & easy way to resolve this issue… I tell you how, here). Or they sit on your camera’s memory card because you can’t figure out how or don’t make the time to move them to your computer. The scenarios can go on…

Once your photos finally make their way to your computer, that’s where they will spend eternity (we won’t talk about hard drive crashes!) – and we move on. Snapping away, capturing new memories to replace the ones of the past. Nothing wrong with that, that’s life!

But how often do you go back and visit those old memories. Do they make you pause when you do? Remembering that exact moment? Thinking how much you loved that moment, that photo, and don’t know how you could have so easily forgotten it?

It’s because it was forever exiled to the abyss of your hard drive.

My challenge for you today, tomorrow, this weekend – Go through those archives. Find one (or some) of those favorite photos – and get to printing!

Frame them and place them somewhere where they will be seen. Often. Put those currently useless magnets to work and place those memories on your fridge.

Guaranteed — You will smile. More often. Because those moments, those smiles are what life’s all about!

P.S. Don’t forget to write names and dates on the backs of those prints! Makes the photo even more fascinating (and valuable) when someone 30 years from now stares in awe of the moment and can flip it over and know the who and when!


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