Every Day Photo Tips: Panoramas!

Andria Lavine Photography-blog-iphoneography-pano-panorama-photo Panoramas, or “Panos”, allow you to capture an entire scene… in one step… from your phone! I can’t be the only one excited about this! Or maybe, after this post, I won’t be [the only one]… Maybe this feature is especially awe-inspiring to me, knowing what it used to take to get this kind of image, but wow! This is epic! It used to be that you had to go through a rather arduous process requiring technical know-how, quality gear and tripod, multiple exposures/image frames, and PhotoShop (or a dark room and multiple negatives)… Now, panos can easily be accomplished in one smooth and consistent swivel of the hips! If you have not ventured beyond the regular photo mode on your phone… PLEASE! What better time than now with summer vacations to the beach and cross-country road trips upon us? Bonus! Your epic panos will beautifully grace your timeline banners! Last but not least… Before you snap, be it pano or a regular picture/video, wipe off your camera’s lens!   Happy Summer! -Andria professional photographer | memory engraver website | facebook Andria Lavine Photography Your memories… engraved!


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