Every Day Photo Tips: Vacation Photos To Remember!

Bahia Brazil Pictures 015 Andria Lavine Photography
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Summertime! Can I say this again? SUMMERTIME!!!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been looking forward to this time to enjoy barbeques with family and friends, sitting outdoors to soak in the beautiful summer evenings, and VACATION! Yup! Getting away to rest and recharge because it won’t be long before we adding school schedules and short winter evenings back into our ever hectic work|life balancing act.

So, as you get ready to head out on whatever vacation adventures await you, here are a couple quick photo tips to remember that will help you tell the story of your vacation!

* Take pictures of some overall views of your destination! Sunset… A beautiful stretch of beach, a row of eclectic shops… Think about how you can capture the entire scene!

* Take pictures of the little details! We all like to take pictures of our tootsies in the sand and the wonderful foods we’re enjoying. But also think beyond… Signage from the restaurant where you had that yummy meal, or a starfish that you rescued from being washed up on the beach…

* Last but not least — Take a family picture! Get from behind the camera – trust me, I have to remind myself of this all the time. Ask a passerby to snap a quick photo, or find a table or ledge to prop your camera on, set the timer and get in that picture! Engrave those family memories!

Travel safely and enjoy a wonderfully restful (and well documented) vacation!


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