Every Day Photo Tips: Save precious mobile photos by freeing up space!

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You grab your phone to snap pic and… No more space!

Free up space on your mobile device with Dropbox

What do you do when you get this message on your mobile device?

“Your camera cannot take photos. Please delete unwanted images and try again.”

What do you do? What can you do? You hastily delete your hardly “unwanted”, but least precious, photos in order to capture whatever is left of a newly precious and quickly fleeting moment!

Tip to avoid this problem next time… sign up for a free service called Dropbox!

My favorite feature – “Enable Camera Uploads” – which allows the app to backup all your mobile device’s photos onto the “cloud based” service.

To learn more about Dropbox, feel free to check out my other blog post. 

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Dropbox. I am, however, a huge fan and total power user of the service! It’s just an awesome – and FREE – tool that I’ve come to find extremely beneficial. They do offer paid memberships, but either way… it’s worth checking out!


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