Every Day Photo Tips: ISO – It’s So Outstanding!

Andria Lavine Photography_Photo Tips ISO photo

Yeah… but that’s not what ISO really means! 😉

Do you remember the days of film? So many choices…

Color or Black & White?

12,24, or even 36 Exposures?

100, 400, 800 Film Speed (ISO) or higher?

You’d get home, pop in your film and take pictures until your roll of film ran out <mental insert… film winding sound>… then you’d drop off your roll(s) at the local photo lab and wait – for daaaaays – to pick up your prints AND negatives! Makes me smile just thinking about it. Anyway…

On today’s digital cameras, you still have to “choose” the film speed – your ISO – the camera’s ability to be more or less sensitive to available light.

So, if you want to take on a little more control and venture off of “Auto”, here are a couple tips to keep in mind.

100 – 200 ISO – Bright sunny day with very little shade or cloud cover. Think: A day out at Piedmont Park – lots of wide open space where you won’t encounter much tree cover or mid-day sports on an open field.

400 – 800 ISO – Mostly cloudy skies or a grey, overcast day. Think: Afternoon picnic in a shady spot or out and about on an overcast day.

800 ISO or beyond – Dark conditions, evening to night, and indoors. Think: In your home or at another indoor location with very little light. Or maybe you don’t want to use flash.

Final note… if you do remember film, then you also remember that the higher the film speed, the more “grain”. This is still true – in digital photographs, it’s called “noise”.

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