Every Day Photo Tips: PRINTS are not dead!

Andria Lavine Photography Print your photos newsletter Sope Creek Trail - photo
Didn’t the thought of film from last week’s letter conjured up the joy and memories of looking through actual printed photographs?!?

With family-life, work-life, life-life… yes, we are all busy! But when we find moments to get away, or spend downtime with loved ones, and we snap pictures that become instant memories… what happens?

Your faves may make it to your phone’s lock screen and your Facebook cover photo, but they all sit on your device, memory card, or computer. FOREVER.


** Shout out to the scrapbookers that keep print going!! Kudos to you! **

When you receive that package with all of your precious memories – in print – you will be so happy you did!

I recently took my own advice and printed some of my photos (me… always busy working on everyone else’s photos😃) – because I’d received a promo from a company called Artifact Uprising – 25 free prints – some of which, you see above! If you’re interested, hurry & check out it out… (active link below)

Artifact Uprising “Get Free Prints” promo ends 9/30/15.

Final note… Remember to write names & dates on the back on your prints. One day, you, your children, or grandchildren will be looking at prints that are 55 years old like the one below! A photography of my mom in her U.S. Air Force days… 1960!

Andria Lavine Photography_Atlanta Wedding Photography_Every Day Photo Tips-Write Names and Dates on the back-photo

professional photographer | memory engraver

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