Photo Tips Tuesday… and extra Tidbits!

For Photo Tip Tuesday, I’d like to share a simple tip for photographing children.

Andria Lavine Photography_Atlanta Wedding and Portrait Photography_Disney Princesses in Fern Gully photos

Get down on their level.  Yup! That’s it!

You come down to their level for cuddles and kisses, to hear their cute little voices whisper secrets, and even to scoop them up for big bear hugs… if your back allows. The same holds true for taking pictures of them.

You’ll have plenty of opportunity to practice with upcoming plays, concerts, costumes, family gatherings, & all the gift-giving any kid could ask for!

Now… before getting back to your day, I’d like to share a couple tidbits about me! 😊

I’m pretty sure that if we’ve spoken for any length of time, you’ve heard me ooze about my family:


 Andria Lavine Photography_Andria Lavine photo

I love sharing how blessed I am to be a full-time professional photographer, capturing precious memories for others. Particularly because my business sprouted after a corporate layoff and the loss of my dad earlier that same year.

To have such a passion from something I never planned to pursue professionally has lit a huge fire in me to share and encourage others to DO the things that bring them joy. Be it personally or professionally – Life is too short!

Over the years, friends, family & clients have come to me to answer their photo questions. Sharing the answers is what sparked the idea for these newsletters!

I can’t wait to share more exciting new endeavors with you soon!

Stay tuned!


professional photographer | memory engraver

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