Photo Tip Tuesday – No Flash, Please!

Andria Lavine Photography-blog-iphoneography-pano-panorama-photo This Tip Tuesday was inspired by all the pretty twinkly lights that you see at stadiums and arenas across the country.
You’re at the game! You’re ready to take a picture of your favorite team charging on to the field in pre-game celebration. You snap. The flash fires. But when you check out your pic, it’s more about the backs of overly lit heads and less about everything else? Let’s try that shot again, but this time…
1) Turn off your flash

2) Recompose your shot to include more of the field and less of the heads

3) Brace yourself/your camera, or hold as still as possible
(to minimize blur from camera shake)

For those who want to know… Your camera (when on auto or a nighttime program mode) will compensate by choosing a higher ISO and likely a slower shutter speed.
Your flash only has about a 10 foot reach, so from your seat in the stands, the only things your little flash is lighting are your candids and group photos!
(Note: I captured the above photo with an iPhone 5s in pano mode, no flash.)


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