Photo Tip Tuesday: Where are my foodies?

Andria Lavine Photography - Foodie Blog Tips - phone - photo
Why do we love taking pix of our food? 🍲
Did you just conquer a new recipe? Maybe just want to share your yummy “nom noms”? Or out to dinner with a beautifully presented meal in front of you?

No matter the reason, here are a couple tips to make those foodie pix a little better!

1) Eliminate clutter. You don’t always have to take one photo of everything together – focus on one aspect or take individual pictures & bring them all together in a collage.

2) If possible, choose a seat with good light (i.e. window light or the outdoor patio).
Dinner by candlelight? Turn of the flash, crank your ISO & secure the camera to minimize blur!

3) Compose. Don’t just take a picture of how it was placed in front of you. Decide how you want to set it up and how you want to photograph it. (i.e. From above, the indulger’s perspective, your dining buddy’s perspective, or through the cafe window.)

4) Remember: It’s digital. Didn’t come out the first… three times? Rearrange & take another shot!

Have fun with it!

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