Photo Tip Tuesday: How can Yoga help you take better pictures?

Andria Lavine Photography-Atlanta Portrait Photographer-Tip Tuesday- photo

Fun tidbit about me – I LOVE YOGA! It may be my gymnastics background, but now that the aches of being a student athlete are catching up to me, I now enjoy the low-impact & zen of Yoga.

So… what does that have to do with you taking better pictures? One of the principles learned in Yoga, and taught by your elders when you were little 😊…

Stand up straight & relax your shoulders.

If you’ve been in front of my camera, it’s likely you’ve heard me advise this.

As the holidays approach and you gather with friends and family, you will undoubtedly be in many photos. Remember to stand up straight & relax those shoulders, and your posture will reflect a svelte, taller and confident Y O U!

Don’t believe me? Next time you’re walking past a mirror, take notice of your posture in the reflection. Are you standing up straight? Now, correct your posture and SEE the difference.

Note, standing in this corrected posture may “feel” uncomfortable. That’s because slouching over computers and devices has crept in on you and I both, but being aware and making that slight shift will show.

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…Since I’m sharing, I’ll let you in on a posture-related Yoga Goal for 2016!

This is ‘Bird of Paradise’ pose – my goal is standing fully upright with leg extended!

I’ll keep you posted!


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