Photo Tip Tuesday: Keeping Your Head On…

Andria Lavine Photography_EFGA Taste of Love Gala_Sanjay Gupta_photo
 Today’s tip can’t get any easier…

* Keep Heads-To-Toes In Your Frame *

Surely, we can swap stories about the time you were dressed up for a night out and wanted to capture this moment for posterity.

You ask the closest willing soul to grab a quick pic, then excitedly check the back of the camera and are bummed to see that part of your head or (…ladies, even worse, your beautiful new shoes) have been chopped off! Now you have to ask them to take the picture again.

So, be intentional when you frame up your next shots. And if you’re asking someone to take a shot of you, a gentle request to “…please include our heads and feet…” could save you the trouble of asking for a do-over. 😊

Enjoy & have an amazing week!

Andria Lavine
professional photographer | memory engraver 

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