Photo Tip Tuesday: Need backup?

Andria Lavine Photography Photo Tip Tuesday Photo-4694-web

How many pictures do you take? I won’t even begin to count, but I will say that right now, my phone’s camera roll contains 545 photos; but, they’ve been secured on my Dropbox.

So… when’s the last time you backed up your digital camera’s memory cards?

I know… “I never even take it out of the camera!” and “My computer’s hard drive is full!” and “I can’t seem to find the time.”

And… and… and… but memory cards can become corrupted (been there, done that) and hard drives crash (…got the “Mac Genius Bar” T-shirt).

If you care about your photos and want to enjoy them for years to come:

1) Decide to make the time.

2) Find an external hard drive, and a card reader if you don’t have one – Costco, Amazon, they’re just so affordable these days.

3) Turn off your camera, THEN remove memory cards & batteries.

4) Back up those precious photos!

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Andria Lavine
professional photographer | memory engraver 


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