Photo Tip Tuesday: Taking better pictures… starts with understanding a Triangle

Andria Lavine photography - Atlanta Portrait Photographer - photo

“Exposure Triangle? Feels more like the Bermuda Triangle!”, you say? Well, this Tip Tuesday will shed a little Light!

First! To make a photograph, you need… Light!

And there are three settings that work together, allowing your camera to capture that Light:



Shutter Speed

The Exposure Triangle!  (Actually even looks like one right there!)

Even if you never move out off “Auto/P” mode, understanding what these three things DO will set you down a path to better pictures!

At its core, these settings tell your camera:

* How bright or dark your environment is (ISO)
* How wide to open the lens (aperture), and
* For how long (shutter speed).


Those photos you’ve taken… I’ve taken them too!

Too dark (or almost black)? Your ISO wasn’t high enough, aperture wasn’t open wide enough, or shutter speed was too fast.

Too bright (or almost white)? Your ISO was too high, aperture was too wide open, or shutter speed was too slow.

Motion blur? Your shutter speed was slow. (Not to be confused with a plain old fuzzy picture… that’s a lesson for another Tip Tuesday!)

I leave you with this… your choice of settings in any combination (or the camera’s Auto pilot), will determine how much of your photograph from foreground to background is in focus, how bright or moody it is, and whether your subject appears to be still or in motion.

I challenge you to test your understanding and creativity – see if you can make an image turn out the way you pictured it in your mind!

Have a great week and if you have questions, I’d love to hear from you!

Andria Lavine
professional photographer | memory engraver 


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