Photo Tip Tuesday: The Colors… of Light

Andria Lavine Photography_Tip Tuesday_WB_White Balance_photo-31-web

Ever notice a “WB” setting on your camera?
It stands for White Balance and tells your camera the color of the light source around whatever you are shooting.

All light has color – warm sun light (orange/yellow) to cool shady light (blue), and everything in between (pink & green fluorescent gymnasium lighting).

The human eye is sophisticated enough that you don’t have to think about the color of the light as you go through your day.

But in photography, outside of “Auto”, you can take control by telling your camera to adjust for daylight, clouds, shade, warm incandescence, fluorescence, or even venture into using the Kelvin temperature range for light (leave that for another day…)

Lots to consider but just have fun with it! Move off of “Auto” and see how the different “WB” settings can effect your photos! Never know… you may find a cool new trick!

Andria Lavine
professional photographer | memory engraver 

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Andria Lavine Photography_365 Project for 2016_photo


I hope you have had an amazing 2015! That you’ve had time to enjoy family and friends throughout the holiday season! That you’ve found time to reflect and set goals as you move forward in to 2016!

One of my 2016 goals… a creative, Personal Project.

A 365-Project!

Actually… this would be a 366, wouldn’t it?!? As a reminder to remain in the moment, I will aim to take a photo – Every Day.

Whether it’s something I am grateful for, something that made me smile or just something to remember!

Stay tuned as I keep you posted on this endeavor! 🙂


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