Photo Tip Tuesday: For the Instagramming Foodie in you! 🍲

© Andria Lavine Photography_20160127 MM plan 2-Bean Pumpkin Chili-2443 photoDid you create a culinary masterpiece? Or served a beautifully presented meal at a cool new restaurant? Maybe you’re eating something yummy, you just can’t help but share!

Here are a couple tips to take better foodie pix!

1) Too much going on in your shot? Declutter! Move the glasses, the used napkins, dishes and utensils. Simplify the shot and highlight your subject.

2) You need light to create a photograph. If you have a choice, pick a seat with good light (i.e. window light or outside). If it’s a dimly lit location, crank up your ISO and shoot by candlelight 🙂

3) Now that you’ve removed distractions and have your lighting worked out, don’t forget to compose your shot. Decide how you want to set up your shot and viewing perspective (from above, your view or the view from your dining buddy…)

4) It’s digital. If it doesn’t come out “right” the first… three-four-five times, rearrange and keep snapping!

Just have fun with it!

Have a photography question? Drop me a line – I would love to help!


Have an amazing day!

Andria Lavine
professional photographer | memory engraver


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