Photo Tip Tuesday: Framing Your Photographic Prints

© Andria Lavine Photography_Framing Your Prints-1 photo

I’ve shared with you the importance of printing your photographs. Now, I want to urge you to frame them.

Time, direct sunlight, and humidity can destroy paper products, including those expensive archival quality professional prints – so you want to protect them!

Store-bought frames can be a cost effective option, however please do consider hiring a professional framer, like Chali at The Great Frame Up in Brookhaven, who will provide their expertise in selecting:

• Glass options that range from the highest quality UV-treated to Museum-grade glass. This is the first layer of protecting your photographs from the elements.

• Custom matte options to enhance your photograph, augment your photograph’s size and highlight colors from your photograph to tie into the décor of your selected space. Also keeps your photograph from direct contact to the glass.

• Custom frame options to complete your photographic art piece and compliment your décor.

Have a photography question? Drop me a line – I would love to help!


Happy Tuesday!

Andria Lavine
professional photographer | memory engraver

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