Photo Tip Tuesday: Awesome Vacation Photos

I don’t know about you, but I’m so excited for Spring that I’m finding myself lapsing into memories of my last family getaway!

So, I’m going to share a few of the photos and a couple tips that came to mind…

1) Capture Overall Scenes (from your hotel room or on land… beach/mountain/city)

©Andria Lavine Photography_Beach2015-4655-photo

2) Capture Details (food, flowers & yup, even barnacles!

©Andria Lavine Photography_Beach2015-4663-photo

©Andria Lavine Photography_Vaca2015-4375_photo

3) Capture festivities and activities

©Andria Lavine Photography_Beach2015-4181_photo

©Andria Lavine Photography_Beach2015-4355_photo

4) Consider keeping a travel journal to remember places, things, people and events that happened during your trip. You think you’ll remember everything… you won’t!

©Andria Lavine Photography_Beach2015-4685-photo

Shoot as much or as little as possible so that you, too, can take mini-mental vacations when need be!

Oh! And pre-planning tips: Pack extra batteries, memory cards and all of your device chargers!

 Happy Visualizing!

Andria Lavine
professional photographer | memory engraver


PSA: “Spring Forward” those clocks this weekend! Happy Spring to all!

Have a photography question? Drop me a line – I would love to help!


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