Photo Tip Tuesday: Put a Spring in your step, a camera in your hand & go for a walk

Happy Spring!

…although it did get chilly again out of nowhere!

But who cares?!? Today’s Tip Tuesday is get outside with a camera in your hand and take in a bit of Spring!

It’s the perfect time to step away from your busy day – for even 10 minutes – to breathe fresh air and admire the beauty that surrounds you!

You wouldn’t believe, or maybe you already know, how restorative it is to be out among nature!

So, if that’s not enough of a tip for you, here’s another that I’ve shared before…

Sometimes, the best camera is  the  one that‘s with you” – get out & capture some beautiful spring pix before all the blooms give way to summer greenery!

In fact… what better time to go than NOW!

Enjoy your day!

Andria Lavine
professional photographer | memory engraver 

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